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Do you want to know the websites that offer free college books? Keep on reading; you are at the right place!

College life is not easy if we see it through the eyes of a young person who has just graduated from High School and is still not very mature concerning the challenges waiting ahead.

Getting admission to a college is a challenge in itself, and when you get it, the first thing you have to do is pay the hefty tuition fee, in some instances pay for the Hostels and dorms, and last but not the least manage to pay for three meals a day. After arranging for all the essentials, you are still left with a daunting challenge to generate finances for the buying college books and resources for the curriculum of each semester for the whole tenure of the course.


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Buying books can hurt one’s budget to stay in college significantly because they are costly, and they might not work for the whole course, you might need them for just one or a couple of semesters, and then they practically become useless.

In order to cope with this challenge, many websites provide free resources such as books and journals to college students.

Here are some top websites which are providing free college books to students.



OpenStax is a charity that was established in the year 2011 by Rice University. This charity was well appreciated by many famous persons such as Bill Gates etc. This organization provides authentic and verified sources of information such as books, reports, and texts.

The inventory of free books and reports is exhaustive and detailed. It includes subjects like sciences, social sciences, law, and engineering, which help college students on a tighter budget. There is a significant number of students worldwide and in the United States who benefit from the free online resources provided by this charity. One of the unique features of OpenStax is that it offers online tuition services, which can also help many students who need individual attention regarding any resource.


2. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an online platform where almost 60,000 electronic books are available to the students of the world. They can be easily accessed online, read online, and be downloaded and shared for better use. The project is the best example of people striving for the benefit of others without any charge or cost.


3. EBooks

This is one of the most popular websites that provide online support and books to college students. It was founded in 2005 and is one of the most substantial online resources for EBooks and other educational materials.

Bookboon has a vast amount of electronic books available for not just college students but for everyone around the whole world, and they are free college books. The website also has thousands of textbooks recognized as well as endorsed by many universities of the US and the World. Bookboon also cares for its readers that they can access all the resources on handheld devices such as mobiles and tablets and also can use features of bookmarking and downloading, which makes access so easy. Moreover, the users do not have to extract anything or install anything they can just do everything on the go, which is very easy then again.



Openlibrary is a non-profit organization that was created in the year 2006. Its primary purpose is to allow several students and people of other professions to access different archives of resources such as EBooks and papers completely free. They can also be downloaded, shared, and quoted all are free college books.


It has been sponsored and supported by many libraries and universities, which in result works for the welfare of students’ world widely.


Smashwords is a website which has independent writers on it which write several textbooks and EBooks, and they upload it for free access on the website for different students’ world widely. Smashwords also acts as an excellent platform for many as it has a wide variety of educational material which is readily available online mostly free college books and can be easily used as well as distributed without any charge. This leads to an open environment where students can gain knowledge on the same topic through different resources.


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Take away:

Many college students are already benefiting from the aforementioned websites providing free books to college students.


You should play smart as well and cut down book expenses by visiting these websites. Maybe you do not find your desired book at one site. In this case, visit several websites to download the required books.


It will take little effort but getting free college books resources is worth the effort as well!

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