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I am a freelancer. Most of us have seen a profile on many social network sites, especially youth; they considered themselves as “freelancers”. The world is a hub of freelancing, and why not? If this is a world to define, it’s a world of freelancing. Every other has a skill. The liberty to work at own willingness and time management is such a boon for today’s people. 


The number of youth’s engagement inside the office is quite less even though everyone is engaged somewhere. We often hear the challenges people face doing a part-time job. They are responsible for their other duties like school, colleges, and assignments. Freelancing has become an easy way of being effective and content. Having said that, there is a demand now and then. Few skills are yet to be recognized where others are in demand.



A good mobile phone or a camera is not enough. Photography skills are the world’s rare skills. The marketing of a company, events, social media and ceremonies are fun when it is visible. Photography and videography have linked with companies’ benefits to individual emotions. A key reason behind its demand is its requirement by all in any form. 

To be precise, photography skills are in the higher wish for an obvious reason. An investment in social media by students, parents, youth, companies are on a higher graph. The information received is enjoyable if it is visible. Photos attract the viewer and are uses as a strategy in many forms for memories or benefits. Professionals to amateur photographers have their quotations of payment. It is also believed that photography is of the utmost desirable and trustable medium for the satisfaction of work. 

Gradually, videography is taking its stand on attracting people for reviving days and making the audience more perceivable. 

Graphic Designer

As much as photography and videography are demanded in a freelancing hub, graphic design skills can be counted as the top 2. Every companies, organization, and institution are in the trend of the marketing race. Marketing holds a bigger part in making companies impression. For marketing, the employer hires a graphic designer and social media handler. 

Graphic designing is a skill to promote the work of an individual to groups and are highly demanded in the market. Nations are on gadgets where influence captivation through the information circulated in it. Many people are freelancing graphic design who are hired for promotion, big events, and data introduction. 

The imaginary performance can be presented in the virtual world by a creative team of graphics. It consists of a postcard, short videos, posters, flyers, handouts, brochures. There are a few classes centre, and some are interested in showcasing on their own. 

Content Writing 

           How is writing a skill? Everyone can write. Not everyone can think and write. Writing is the most demanded skill as a freelancer. People need headlines and details. A good thinker is a good writer. It is a good expression of thoughts and ideas in a piece of a given chart. 

           One way or the other, we all have been writing. Content writing is slightly different from just writing. It is a professional skill of writing for other’s benefit. How can writing be beneficial? For multiple purposes, writing has its precious parts to play. Mostly in the world of freelancing, a writer is considered to be a spokesperson. Content writing as a skill is upfront for the presentation of words and clarity about the events and information that are obliged to share. 

           Every being carries different skills. An office is filled with varieties of skills, and writing is more praised in a matter of communication through email, also while sharing the agenda to the world on the website. When we think about ads, vacancies in newspapers, or websites, the content writers are demanded to express organizational needs from their skill. Content writing is easy and accessible if the information is provided clearly. This can be one of the work from home job to mention. 

Host/ Emcee 

Emceeing or hosting the program is barely everyone’s cup of tea. It is a struggle to few, whereas some excel on the podium. Hosting does not require daily, so people with experience and such skills are in the freelancing world. 

They are thrilled to be part of events/ programs in such ways a platform is appreciated by freelancers. This skill has glanced through communications, few after applying, and some get the recommendation. Emceeing may seem very casual skill whereas business ceremony to small events a company obliged for a host. 

           Numerous incidents fail an event where it does not have an emcee. Such skills of expressing well with expression, word, and showing professionalism in mass are high in demand. 

Logistics Management

           Logistic/ Operational Management is a skill of managing backstage works, it doesn’t follow managing wires and mikes, but it plays a vital scene to make events qualitative. It is an unseen, unnoticed skill, whereas it is deeply integrated for every chain. Though it is unaware demand yet in professional settings, operational management is a key role. 

           Back then, it was not considered a hard skills; however, with a change in time and realization of proper functioning, logistics is in demand as a skill. This managerial skill is sloped towards communication skills as well as understanding the market values. It is a bird’s eye view skill to benefit an organization in terms of relationship with the market and sound financial manner. 

Public Relation 

           Sales, marketing, or communication officers hold the skill of communication. Though it is all different in their roles, it carries the essence of building rapport with the public. Public Relations is known as PR in short form, and it has its demand at its peak. We all can sense how crucial it is in today’s world to maintain relationships inside and out. 

           PR is the skill of maintaining goodwill for the company, which requires hard work, strategy, and deeper knowledge of situations where and who they belong to. PR is an asset and is firmly higher in payroll.  

           Without a doubt, this skill deals with companies’ production and raises a standard in every nook possible. There are PR with good writing skills along with expressing in speech. As every skill required to practice, so do PR needs time to plan for strategic ways. 

Freelance skills are a liberal zone working design. Every skill has a platform. All we need to do is to be in the right queue taking the correct ticket. 

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