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Steps to Financial Freedom

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Money is not everything but it is something to get everything. A phrase that shoves you to believe with passing time and it has been a truth. The bigger aspect to understand is how much is required for my happiness. The financial happiness framework is contributed to purposeful action, clarity, and accountability. It is pragmatic however denied to a point where it is the dust of hand, yet endorsed to appeal towards it. Though the deeper concept is more dominant towards the reality we focused it is the ultimate happiness. Financial status should be a rational thought for surviving nor a matter of burden. In a locus of freedom, we can focus on simple steps. 

Start valuing money

Trying to look at money in a positive way of living life. Money is the source of hope for quantitative life. The amount of devaluation may just create negative emotions to live. It starts with not valuing our own hard work. Money is a reciprocation of time we have contributed, it is not a judging factor of one’s status. People’s dissatisfaction is due to the comparison of income. Financial freedom has a simple agenda of owning up for work and giving value to money as much as it is essential in life.  

           People have stopped valuing money in terms of being negligent, irresponsibly keeping wallets and purse, trusting random people with money, and excessive expenses. 

Stop BUYING what is not necessary

Getting attracted to fancy kinds of stuff is human nature. Also, to have more than what others have comes simultaneously in it. From entering big marts for grocery shopping to obsession for some particular items is a bigger challenge in financial freedom. 

           Once people stopped purchasing which is not essential for the time it increases the sense of buying what actually is a need. It is said that simple food ingredients, good stay, and norm casual clothes are enough for a qualitative lifestyle. 

Set budgeting

An obsession may not change in one night but a way of dealing with it can be. Budgeting is key to financial freedom. Why not visioning our expenses for a weekly basis or a month. Indulging in budgeting helps you to clarify your financial disbalance and saving for some major purpose in the future. 

           For some people, an idea of budgeting does not sound “cool”, it is one root cause of not valuing money as well. Our expenses can never have a limit. No one can tell us what is our limitation to shop or to buy or to gifts. Yet, it’s us to retaliate our own actions. People tend to be frustrated because of less accountability in their financial journey. 

Well, this will help. 


Start saving. Your money matters. There is a maximum number of people who support the idea of money-saving. Has it been harmful to any by saving money? If not for you, it has been helpful to yours. The concept of saving is more aligned to pause your expenses, the next day life may demand you to expense in more. At that particular time, how would you manage to buy, have some in your account for yourself. It is yet to be spent.

 Proper investment

Your clarification on investment is what defines how much money you make. Financial freedom is a subject until your investment does not find the right place to get invested. There are numerous incidents in the world of being robbed, scammed, and fraud. The reason behind all of it is a lack of proper knowledge in investment and issues with easily trusting ads, faith, and people’s conversation. 

           There is no doubt people want to be financially sound. There is a thin line between being needy and greedy. Your need may turn out to be your greed and it might eventually take you to dig. It happens when one gets influence enormously and is not aware of lines. Your investment is not in Gambling. People who play a card, visit a casino has some thought to make double of what they have. This kind of illness is not an investment. Your investment is your children’s education, family health own mental peace, buying some jewelry and property for future reference.


Investment, contribution, donation, and sponsorships are various ways of keeping public relation that helps an individual to foster their image in the society. Your financial investment requires research. Money is a sensitive and essential need of every human. People are looking to help the needy ones, your helps is an ultimate source of happiness to the needy and that sense might be giving an investor a sense of satisfaction, it is also financial freedom. Yet, researching for financial growth makes a huge difference.

Spend on your essentials.

You must allocate your need. A richness in accounts whereas a limitation in expenses does not entertain financial freedom. It is necessary to spend on your quality of life. Keeping money only for markets, looking onto business perspectives, and letting your own needs downward may hamper the lifestyle. Few cases have taken the limelight in terms of fraud. Procrastination of need of family and involvement in greed is another financial burden. 

           Income must be balanced with the expenses. Its decrement and higher standard can raise an ill mindset for a long period.


Groceries, tools, materials are negotiable. Bargaining considered the middle class. A manageable in charge of such items can reduce financial burden. Many shopkeepers marked the price of items double than its actual price. A purchaser to some extends pays the marked price which is itself a negotiable one. 

           Non of business or market person would prefer loss whereas prices can be bargained and maintained. This is a business strategy for profit sake. A consumer can ask for a discount to some level where there’s no tag as a Fixed Price. This step is one major for saving. 

Multiple investments

A knowledgeable person in markets, business, shares have higher skills in multiple investments. It demands surplus and loss according to what market values. Financial liberty is also to take some risk with a certain amount of earnings, it does not push anyone with its statement whereas it comes with an experience. Multiple investments to working with investors increase the value of an individual but it also believed to be ready for risks coming your way. 

 Follow your trustworthy circle

Your guardian, elders and parents are the trustworthy ones for your financial console. Their advice can be a greater help for financial stability. It is also said to get a financial advisor but not everyone can afford it so observing parents’ financial decisions or anyone who is making good money can be someone to ask for. 

           Your circle can be influenced by peers whereas their suggestion is one to look for as well. The idea of following your people is not to fall into the trap of fraud and to be informed about the pros and cons of people around you. 

Mental peace

For any kind of happiness and freedom, his/her mental peace is a soulful purpose to take action. When your mind is healthy to take decisions either you are ready or you accept. Financial freedom is a state of one’s mental health. Any kind of financial decisions that don’t entertain your mind, then rethink. 


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