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We all have to be ready for the interview once in a lifetime. It is a patently a more precise look of truth and depths of an individual. It is a gateway to any opportunity. A platform of expressing with own words, nevertheless a great communicator fails to express in a right way. And Glossophobian has forever to deal. Interviews can go as per what you imagine by preparing a few steps before the interview. 

Research on company history/job description:

Your knowledge is key. Researching companies’ history leaves an impression on the interviewer regarding your interest in the company. It shows efforts and dedication keenly to work in that place. Research helps you to understand its growth, challenges, and success stories too. Many can connect and feel off with more understanding while researching the company. 

           When you insist to research on company history, it is essential to research the job description as well. The interviewee must know what is a potential expectation of work expected by a company. It says researching gives you confidence as well. 

The interviewee must be prepared with prospects’ questions related to the position. Researching on how to answer properly to expressing well in speech also helps. You must be seen as an interesting and interested candidate to be hired. 

Know their Vision:

A happy worker is a happy server. Work has been a major part of people’s lives, so does its inclination to happiness. Your work should give you satisfaction. Monetary benefits are considered whereas company vision is the sole purpose to join and to continue. 

           Knowing their vision can help you to able to express your interest in the work. Without any vision, a company is a blind market. There might be a profit and loss but there’s a fewer chance of growth in mindset and skills. The interviewer seeks a reliable candidate in the vacant position. The reliability is imposed on the amount of dedication he/she portrays to fulfill the vision of a company. Vision is also a guideline to pursue an everyday objective. This leads an interviewer to express well. 


Have you tired of speaking in front of the mirror? Have you recorded your own answer before going for an interview? If no, start trying this way. The self-reflective mode is an essential part of knowing one’s ability. Giving a trial individually or seeking help from friends and elders can direct you with needed points. It can be body language, tone, and expression. The trial gives you an image of how it can go. 

Formal and comfortable dress:

Now that you are ready to take your step, wear something proper. It does not mean fancy, expensive, and flashy but professional, comfortable, and clean. Before you show your documents, and even start to speak, the interviewer has already an eye on how presentable are you in professional settings. 

           Your dress matters. In today’s world, a market has a bigger value for the effort of being presentable as well. However, it is not the whole part to consider your ability. The dress is something to be mindful, in an interview. Perhaps it stresses more upon one’s comfort and confidence. It says to wear formal, suit and pants, reminding oneself with low makeup and boys with a proper hair cut.

Carry your confidence:

Be ready to give answers. The interviewer seeks more of your energy and confidence in upcoming challenges in certain roles. Make them believe if you have already done it or you still can do it. 

           There’s a truth of being anxious, and even sick with anxiety. You should be engaging with positive and energetic items. That can be surrounded by friends, listening to music, and or eating your favorite food. Indulging in what gives you a kick is boosting your confidence. Preparing for confidence before an interview can be a good investment.

Piled up your documents:

Don’t miss your documents. Be prepare by piling up your important papers a day before or early. Any missing report may lead you to trouble. It is also notified to carry important documents while coming for an interview so to maintain it in a file or in a documented case to make it in order can be helpful. 

Mark your calendar:

A digital calendar to mark important dates is portable and efficient. Marking on calenders emphasis on punctuality. It reminds you of your due dates and pushes you to be on time. 

           Your calendar has way forward plans of vacations, meetings, self-time. The interview must go as per the time required. It is quite a way of keeping oneself reminded about the submission of the task, being punctual with submission, and not missing out on any deadline before the interview. Also, your interview date and arrival time should be your alarm till that day. 

Being updated:

Train your mind. Your interview date might have been changed. Did you check? yes, be updated. Be informed about the changes and latest news related to post and companies. Such knowledge can be a positive feature of your personality. 

           It shows you are ahead to be well known. An interview does not only surround you with experiences but your aura to be an extra point as an interesting character. Sometimes sharing your updates regarding laws associated with position can be a way forward of taking a polite stand. 

           Refreshing emails, reading newspapers, researching related articles, watching videos can be forms of being updated. 


You need to know you are not in a war. You can smile and be gentle when things are going as per or without your thought. It gives you the confidence to tackle your challenges. Don’t forget to smile because it spreads positivity around you and makes you calm at the same time. There is a higher mistake most people do for making things work in an interview is memorization. Once their mind stops functioning to remember what they have prepared it started to make them dizzy and anxious. 

           Do not overdo. You can still be presentable with a smile and less talk. 

Eat Healthily: 

Say no to alcohol and any consumption that makes you look dizzy and feel uneasy the other day. Avoid spicy and oily food which affects your stomach and makes you ill. Try not to go to parties a day before any events/meetings/interviews. It ruins your morning, it is not a good start to a day for any important dues. 

           Make sure to prepare yourself with the right food for an interview for a healthy conversation and a fruitful one.

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