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Part time jobs are good opportunities for college and university students to earn and pay for their study expenditure. The part time jobs for students are based on hourly shifts, which help them make money without disturbing their study hours. These part-time jobs not only help students to earn money but also helps them in their research-based work, to get a hands-on experience in their field, and it can be helpful for their professional career in the future. In different countries, most high school students do part time jobs with their education to fund their study expenses.

Common Part Time Jobs for Students

There are many online and traditional part time jobs available for students all around the world. These jobs offer a package as well as hands-on experience.

1. Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver or delivery boy is one of the basic part time jobs for a student. Home delivery is popular these days; people have no time to buy their daily use products, so they order them online. Therefore, in this job delivery person delivers the item ordered by the customer to the customer’s home. For that job, students need a vehicle (Motorcycle, sometimes a cycle or a car).

Some companies provide vehicles to their deliverymen by themselves, but most companies hire a person who has a car for delivery. The average monthly salary of a delivery boy in Pakistan is 18,000 PKR to 22,000 PKR. However, in other countries like India, UK, USA and Canada, delivery boys are paid on an hourly basis.

2. Administrator Job

Many companies offer part time jobs as an administrator to students. The administrator plays the admin role in a company and manages the company’s files, phone calls, emails, and sometimes important documents. Many companies offer administrator jobs for some hourly shifts or night shifts with a good salary package.

3. Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative is a person that deals with customers and provides information related to the product, handles the customer problems, and answers their queries via calls or email. Many call centers offer CSR jobs on the day and even night shifts that are compatible with students and help them gain experience in dealing with and handling customers. Many students seek customer service part-time jobs in Pakistan to support their higher education expenses.

The requirements for a CSR job is intermediate or bachelor’s with good English proficiency skill. The average salaries of call center representatives range from 17,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR. In India, the average monthly salary of a customer service representative is ₹15,000 to ₹25,000.

4. Baby Sitter

Baby sitter is also one of the best part-time jobs for students. Baby sitter is responsible for taking care of children of different ages for a particular time. Baby sitter is also reliable for helping children in their studies and extracurricular activities. The student should have good patience skills and know-how to deal with children. Babysitting jobs are available in different foreign countries, including the USA, UK, Canada and other European countries. Hourly pay range from $11 to $30, depending on the prior experience, skills and qualification.

5. Receptionist

The receptionist of a company is responsible for greeting the guests, attending the calls, and answering the queries of a guest or a customer. Many companies require a receptionist part-timer, hiring students for those positions. It is one of the best opportunities for students who want to do a part-time job and earn.

6. Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador is one of the best jobs for the student. Brand ambassadors represent the brand or a company, and they aim to promote the brand to the customer and increase its popularity among the people. It is the best opportunity for the student to gain experience and earn money without tiring work. Brand ambassadors make a reasonable sum of money if they have good communication skills and successfully grab the attention of different brands.

7. Tourist Guide

Many universities recruit students for tourist guide jobs. Their responsibility is to guide the visitors and new students about the university areas like departments of the campus and the labs on the campus etc. It is the most flexible job for the students. For a tourist guide job, the student must be active and have good communication skills. However, this is only for international students; most universities in Pakistan do not have such positions for students.

8. Food Server

A food server works at a restaurant and serves the customer. Their responsibility is to take the orders from the customers and serve food to them. It is a good part-time job for students worldwide; it has flexible timing with an okay salary package. However, food serving and restaurant jobs can be very tiring and require a lot of physical strength. It can also affect studies, as students will have less time to study. Restaurants and food junctions pay hourly and shift vise. The salary vary according to the type of restaurant offering jobs.

9. Retail Salesperson

A retail Salesperson communicates with the customers, gives them information about the product (like product brief, product price) and answers customers’ queries. Many students worldwide do a retail salesperson job part-time and fill out their expenditures. Students must have good communication skills and a positive attitude for that job.

10. Tutor

Many university students choose a tutor profession as a part-time job to earn money. Tutors help students of different Grades in their homework assignments and preparation for exams. It is the best part-time job for university students. Now there is an online tutor facility available, so many students register themselves on the online tutor website and give online tuition to a student who belongs to a different area or a country without traveling.

Tutoring may pay hourly or monthly wages. It ranges according to the skillset and qualification of the tutor. Tutors earn $31,000 to $49,000 annually in countries like USA and Canada. However, the pay range according to the capability and expertise of the tutor.

11. Book Keeper

Bookkeepers record a company’s financial data (like facts & figures, transactions, payroll) in an excel sheet or different software used for this purpose. Many companies and banks offer bookkeeper jobs to the students. They mostly hire finance & accountancy students for this position. This job provides financial support to the students and earns hands-on experience, which will be helpful for them in the future.

12. Stock Assistant

Warehouse chooses the students as the Stock assistants. It is the best part-time job for the students. Stock Assistant manages and maintains the warehouse. They are responsible for restocking the item when they are near to end in the warehouse and keeping the records of the item bills purchased from the vendors. This job provides flexible timing to the students as well. In that job, students do not need to require high-profile education.

13. Animal Caretaker

Many students in Europe choose the animal caretaker profession as their part-time job. Animal caretakers give care to the animals in an animal shelter or the Zoo. They feed the animals, bathe them and play with them and take care when they are not feeling well. For that job, students do not need to give their entire day. They provide some hours from their daily routine.

14. Library Assistant

Library Assistants work as an assistant to a librarian. Their responsibility is to organize the book in a library according to the book categories, keep a record of the books on the pc and order the new books according to the reader’s needs. So a student could choose the library assistant job in their part-time and can earn money.

15. Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistant manages the company’s social media activities like marketing the product on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and the company website, interacting with customers and identifying their customer needs, and answering customer queries on social media. Run the Campaign on social media to attract the customer.

This part-time job is ideal for a student who is proficient in social media usage and likes to spend time on social media. Social media assistants are well paid, £22,091 per year in the United Kingdom and $71,191 annually in the USA. They can earn up to Rs 34,966 per month in Pakistan and the average monthly pay in India is approx. ₹21,387.

16. Cashier

Many Malls and stores need a cashier who can scan the products bought by the customer, receive the payment, and give the bill receipt to the customer. Students can do cashier jobs in the evening in different malls and stores to earn money to fill their study expenses. The average salary for a Cashier is $12.53 per hour. In countries like Pakistan, cashiers are paid on a monthly basis rather than an hourly wage.

17. Cab Driver

Students who have a car and a driving license register themselves in the mobility service providing companies (likes CAREEM and UBER) and work as cab drivers to earn money. The cab driver’s responsibility is to pick up the passengers and transport them safely to their destination. It is the best flexible job for the university and college students.

18. Nursing Assistant

Students who belong to a nursing field can choose the nursing assistant job to gain experience and earn money. The Nursing Assistant must take care of the patient diet and exercise, check their blood pressure and sugar daily, and monitor the improvement in the patient’s health condition. This job will help the student earn money and allow the nursing students to gain hands-on experience.

Become Freelancer

Freelancing has been one of the top trending full-time and part time jobs in the past few years. Students choose to freelance as their profession and earn money with their studies. Freelancers do not only need skills related to the computer field but from different fields and earn money online by sitting in their rooms. Many websites on the internet (Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, Freelancer) offer the students to register their skills on the website and earn money.

The online part time jobs which students can choose as a freelancer are:

19. Content writer

Content writing is one of the easiest part time jobs for students proficient in the English language. Students can write content, articles, blogs, business reports, and scripts for their clients on different topics and earn money. There are many projects on the freelancing website for the content writer. The average salary for a content writer is 34,203 PKR per month in Pakistan. Many content writers are earning up to 80,000 PKR or more by freelancing.

20. Graphic Designing

Graphic designers design the company logo, broacher, business card, websites, and illustrations for the company or the product by using different. Freelancing websites offer plenty of jobs to a graphic designers. A student who is good at digital designing and has a creative mind can earn money online through freelancing sites. It is one of the trending jobs on freelancing websites. You can do freelance work and earn according to your skillset or do a job in different companies and earn a limited salary.

21. App Developer

Students who are good at programming and have the skill to develop the mobile and desktop app can choose app developer skills to earn money online; for this job, students must be good at programming and know about the tools used for the mobile app development.

22. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the famous jobs on freelancing websites. The digital marketing manager is responsible for promoting the company website on the internet, where people can reach it and promote its product on the internet. Upwork, guru, and freelancer offer many projects in digital marketing to the freelancers. It is an excellent way to earn money online.

23. Web developer

Web developers design and build websites by using different tools and coding techniques. Web developers design the website, monitor the website’s traffic, and ensure how much traffic can be handled by the website. Students who have a skill in web development or belong to the computer field can choose the web development field as a freelancer.


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