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We are living in an era where people are mostly attracted to the lust of entertainment. Many people have lost interest in studying anything. So in this article we are going to give you top tips that will give you motivation to study.


This is a question which should be taken under observation by everyone. We do not study because we think study is boring and we should do something fun instead which will make us happy.



We should study to build up our career and to groom ourselves in such a way that we become presentable to others. Studying gives us knowledge about everything, and by everything it means all the information about anything you need. The more you study, the better it is for your success. Because, then you get the know how about the world. There’s a famous quotation relating education and success too which says:

                                    “Education is the key to success.”

This quote explains us how much important it is for a person to study and get education because it is the master key to success in every walk of life for an individual.



There are some professional tips to get motivation to study. Some of the tips are described under.



This is the most important tip to get yourself motivation for studying. You can never study if you are not studying something of your choice, something that you love and something you are passionate to study about. So, your interest in studying the particular topic matters a lot.



This is another important tip to raise up your motivation towards studying. One should make studying interesting by the ways he think it can be more appealing.



The era in which we are currently living, it’s the digital era and in this era everyone prefers digital media over other things. As studying in this era is quite hard so we must need digital aid in this regard.

This means that we should take help from digital media while studying. For example, if we are having difficulty to understand a topic while studying, we can search that topic on Google or YouTube and then there we go, we will get loads of videos, images and documentaries streaming out as the search result. In this way, we can study while using our digital media too.



Human body gets tired if it will continue doing the same thing repetitively without any break. So it is not really a good thing for you if you study continuously without taking any breaks in between.

It will effect ourselves mentally as well as physically too. Mentally in a way that continuously pressurizing yourself to learn something like a hard topic, your mind will go numb then and you would not understand what you’re studying and we know that without understanding, studying is pointless. While on the other hand, physical effect will be that you would only focus on your studying and forget about your personal health care and your well-being because continuously studying something puts the person in a state where he does not care about his messy looks and all that physical appearance. In short, taking breaks is important.



“We are nothing but stardust trying to find its way back to the stars!”

Human beings are not eligible to be called the most important in all the living beings if they do not have something unique that differs them from other beings. One of the most important factor is that we are ambitious. We have ambitions and our goals for which we work day in and day out. This goes with studying too. One can never motivate himself to study if he does not have any goals to achieve. So it’s very important that you set up goals while studying.



We are all aware that humans cannot do anything efficiently under pressure. So, if you want to study professionally like truly understanding what you are studying, you need to divide the topics accordingly. You cannot study all the topics at once, you need time to let it sink in your brain.



Do you know why moms admit their kids in a tuition or academy? Well, all moms have different reasons; some don’t know how to teach their kids as they are not educated enough themselves but some moms do it to schedule a routine for their kids. In that way, the kids would know how many hours they have to study and how much time they should give to food, games and their extracurricular activities. Just like that, students who are sensible enough should follow that too. Means to say, it is not that you should must go to any academy for that but you should yourself make a schedule and set a time table for studies and chores you have to do through out the day.



One of the important factor that keeps human beings going is that of socialization. But while studying, you have to do the opposite. It’s not like you should not meet with anyone or hangout with friends but you should keep your socialization to a limit. Again, you should set timings for your hangouts and for studying too.



As mentioned earlier, this is a digital era and in this era, gadgets are the most appealing items on Earth especially for youth. If you agree upon it or not, gadgets are something without which we cannot live. You can never completely boycott something especially something which entertains you like these gadgets but, you can minimize their use for the sake of your study.

We use gadgets to play games, to watch movies, to use social media apps to connect with others and what not. But while studying, you should minimize the use of gadgets, like only use them when it’s necessary. For example, to understand a topic or something like that.



A very important aspect to study is to stay self-motivated. You need to push yourself to study to make yourself a better person because no one else is going to do it for you. You need to rise up and shine for yourself, to make a better future and to be successful in life.



If self-motivation is not enough to make you study, then study for your family. Keep in mind that studying will make your parents proud and you will get recognition in the family as a well-educated person. Moreover, study for your future family. Think about how prosperous your family would be if the roots of family would be as good as you are in studying and building up your career.



The most important point one should keep in mind is that he needs to study to make himself a better person. Studying is directly proportional to the grooming of a person. As the more you study, the better you know about the world and how you can fit in it and make yourself progressive.

Studying has an important part in the grades that we get in our educational institutions for our performance in studies. The best grades are secured by the students who study efficiently and properly, like they do not just study but they also learn, understand and preach what they are studying.


  • WRAP UP:

Let’s wrap up the discussion about the top tips to motivate yourself to study. In the current era where we are living, it’s the digital era in which people of all generation especially the young generation i.e. the youth is attracted towards the digital media and in doing so, studies are mostly left behind. We should keep in mind that education is the key to success because after realizing that we are definitely going to study to get success. Most of us do not study because we think study is boring but we really need to study to get information about everything in the world. We can get motivation to ourselves to study by following some of the top tips.

The foremost tip for our motivation depends on us i.e. we should choose to study something which we love and about which we are passionate about. Second tip should also be followed by us in a way that we make our studying interesting. We can also take aid from the digital gadgets for studying. Another tip is that we also need to take breaks in between our studies. Also, we should divide our subjects and topics for studying and most importantly we need to set our goals to become ambitious. Moreover, we need to minimize the use of our gadgets and socializing for the sake of our studies.

In all this, self-motivation is very important. Also, we should study for our family and for ourselves too, because this will help create a better version of yourselves.

“To acquire knowledge, one must study.”- Marilyn Vos Savant.


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  1. In this pendemic situation I just bored and don’t try to study more , for this reason it’s hampered my career also my life . Even I am sometimes suffering from depression .
    But this articles are motivated me to start a new chapter in my life ..
    I am in BBA department
    North South University …

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