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useless degrees

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“Is it worthy of investing in a degree that does not set you apart from non-graduates?” If the answer is “no!” then, invest carefully in useless degrees.

In many industries having a degree is essential to show your level of knowledge and earning, but in some, it is not the case. In the latter category, having a degree will not help you earn more than the ones not having it. In this case, you should go for online education, courses, and certifications to polish your skills and start making a living earlier than completing a four-year degree first!

If you do not believe us then have a look at the sayings of these business magnates who say degree is overrated.

Useless Degrees

So have a look at some useless degrees so that you could avoid them, make the right decision and pursue the correct one.

Maybe the last one will shock you. Here we go!

1.  Communication

You have spent four years of your life in “learning” how to communicate, and even after that, your communication is not up to the mark. Yes, it could be true. Communication needs to practice, not merely a theory. If your verdict is that the degree also includes projects and assignments than what could be a better practical experience then communicating in real-life.




Most of the people look towards conducting seminars, becoming a trainer, starting their channel such as a podcast or YouTube after getting this degree. However, a better way is to make a channel right away and keep uploading content regularly. Explore online resources and make your communication better. This approach would give you a way more results in 4 years than going for formal education. In these 4 years, you could develop your brand; meanwhile, many job opportunities will knock at your door because of personal branding.

Many people know the art of connecting others with them without having a formal communication degree. It only gets better with practice!

2.  Education

Becoming a great teacher is not dependent on a formal education degree. Now, instead of doing a low-paid job of teaching, you can create a business while teaching online.




Many websites are offering online courses, having millions of people signed up. Udemy and Skillshare are dominant names among them. You can create your course and earn a massive commission for years. It could be a great source of passive income. Moreover, you can develop your blog or YouTube channel to connect with an audience who wants to learn a specific skill set. After building authenticity, launching a premium course could get a lot of money on your table.


3.  Business

Skimming through a lot of business textbooks would not make you a successful businessman, but starting your small business could make it happen. If you are passionate about business and not looking forward to joining organizations to hire the candidates having business degrees, then kickstart your own business instead of pursuing a business degree. Meanwhile, keep learning business skills from textbooks, magnate business men videos, and podcasts. This approach could help you generate passive income in 4 years. Otherwise, you would sort of waste four years in earning a business useless degrees and then graduating with no hands-on business experience.


business degree


There are many business opportunities. You can start with minimal to no money. It includes drop shipping, blogging, YouTube channel, or selling services of your interest.

4.  Archaeology

You may have a detective type of nature, and these useless degrees catches your attention. However, if you are thinking of pursuing it just because of your interest in the subject, then you should be analyzing opportunities realistically and estimate the money you could make from it.


archaeology degree


This field includes a high-risk factor. Just imagine, after spending four years of your life in learning Archaeology, you failed to approach the artifacts worth even a hundred dollars! Instead, you can do it as a hobby without going for a formal degree.

5.  Languages

You may have already heard that being able to understand and speak other languages gives you an edge over other candidates. Yes, It is an excellent addition to your resume and beneficial for job positions, including communication, because of increased globalization. But, spending thousands of dollars learning a language is not worth it. Instead, you can learn it from online courses, videos, or websites, allowing you to learn language one-to-one from native speakers.

letter block set in box


6.  Computer science

Relax! We have added this degree to a list for a reason. Giant companies, including Apple and Google, have terminated the condition of having a college degree for their candidates. The idea behind it is tech skills can be learned from online resources, unlike an MBBS degree. That time is not too far when the majority of tech companies would follow this trend.

person using MacBook


We are not saying this degree to be utterly useless as it gives you practical skills. The point is, if your goal is not to understand the hardware side of a computer and only to get software side knowledge, you can learn these skills within far less time than four years and kickstart the earning right away. There is no need for formal education in this scenario.


Take away

The aforementioned degrees are based on subjective opinion. The bottom line is to ponder upon the post-degree scenario. If you think earning a degree can be highly beneficial for your career goals, then go for it. Otherwise, it could prove to be just a useless degrees, learn from online platforms and start making a living earlier.

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  1. Hello and hope this mail may found you great. My name is Yibeltal from Ethiopia and kindly request you to get a chance free of charge education online, do you think I may will have the opportunity please??

  2. It is your personal opinion ,you may think so but majority is not with you, no doubt one or two subjects have list their previous importance but they has not became worthless.
    No in this universe is not useless.
    Keep in mind ,you are also not useless even ,,,,,

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