How to Create a Hyper Focus Study Space

create a hyper focus study space

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This is a topic of significant importance in this era where people have lost interest in studying.

Reasons for the need for hyper focus study space:

There has been an increment in the need for hyper-focus study because of the following reasons:

  • Un-willingness to study 
  • The brain is somewhere; the heart is elsewhere 
  • Forgets after learning 

Un-willingness to study:

 The most crucial reason for the need for hyper-focus study space is the unwillingness of many kids, especially teenagers, to learn.

They think about studying as a tedious activity, and that is why they do not want to study. All of them think that they would waste their day by giving so much energy and time to themselves to studying.

  • The brain is somewhere; the heart is elsewhere:

Most of them, when a person is studying, it is a bitter yet true fact that it while studying, our brain is involved in focusing on what we are studying, but we cannot learn what we are studying if our heart is also not liking it. 

This means to say is mostly when a student is reading a topic, at the time of reading about it, he remembers the events that happened while the teacher was teaching that topic and thus the heart remains present in those memories whilst the brain continue to put efforts to focus the lecture.

  • Forgets after learning:

Another major reason for the need for this studying space is that most students learn and forget simultaneously.

It is no wonder that many of the slow learners have the problem that they forget everything after learning, and this is mainly because of the fact that they are unable to focus completely on the topics they are studying. 

Tips and tricks to create hyper-focus study space:

The reasons discussed above are just some of the reasons because of which we extremely need to create a hyper focus space to study. Some of the tips and tricks to create a space like that are discussed under:

  • Physical and mental indulgences
  • Study after all your chores
  • Take help from digital media
  • Parents and siblings are mere blessings


  • Physical and mental indulgences:

When any individual totally indulges himself in studying, then automatically he will be able to focus on learning.

This requires the mind and heart to be present there means there is always the need for physical and mental involvement while studying. 

  • Study after all your chores:

When you are planning to study, you need to make sure to complete all the chores and be totally free to give time to the books.

So for the focusing, a person needs to be devoid of the tensions of all chores other than that of studying. 

  • Take help from digital media:

The era in which we are currently living in the era of the digital era and in this era everyone play or watch any game or video in their electronic gadgets including mobile, laptop, computer, iPhone, MacBook or any other gadget with giving 100% of their focus.

So, to study with focus, one should take aid from the digital media in any form. For example, I was watching a lecture video on the topic, reading an article related to the topic, or doing any other stuff on digital platforms.

  • Parents and siblings are mere blessings:

Even though parents and siblings force you to study all the time but, they are also very helpful for you. They are ready to give you time to make you understand any topic in which they have expertise.

This will create a hyper-focus space for studying easily. There is a famous saying that:

“A man is known by the company he keeps.”

So, when the ambiance of the house is promoting studying, then the focusing power increases readily.


As the days are passing by, and we are entering the more advanced and digital era, the interest in studying us gradually decreasing day by day. This requires the need of a hyper-focus study space. In the article, we described some of the reasons for the need for this space and also tips and tricks to create this space. 

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