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Scholarships are like a gem for each student studying at any level of education. In this article, we will discuss some easy peas’y tips to write a better personal statement of any educational institute at either national or international level scholarship.

Why does any student want to get a scholarship?

Any student wants to get a scholarship because every student desires to get an education from the educational institute he or she loves. The institute’s choice is usually very expensive for the pocket of their expenses bearer, which is often their parents or sometimes the students are the ones bearing their educational expenses themselves. When a student gets a scholarship, he is aided by financial aid, which will benefit both the parents and the student.

How can a student get the scholarship?

A student can get a scholarship by applying for the scholarship for that particular educational institute he wishes to apply for. The educational institute could be any elementary school, middle school, high school, college, university of government, or private level. He or she needs to write an influencing personal statement first in order to be eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship is then given to the students who fall appropriately upon that particular scholarship’s required eligibility and criteria.

What is a personal statement for the scholarship?

A personal statement for a scholarship is, in simple words, an intellectual autobiography. In the personal statement, we basically write about ourselves and our intellectual capabilities and skills.

It is necessary to write an influencing and better scholarship statement that will convince the educational institutions’ management to give you the scholarship.

Some amazing tips for writing a better personal statement for the scholarship:

To increase the chance of getting a scholarship of up to 80%, one should know how to write a perfect and suitable personal statement for any educational department scholarship. Some of the tips and tricks to write that kind of statement will be discussed under:

Structure of the statement

  • No grammatical errors or mistakes
  • Your goals matter
  • Authenticity
  • Skills other than your GPA
  • Internships
  • Jobs
  • Monthly income
  • Salary of educational expanses’ bearer
  • Dream to study in that institute which is offering a scholarship

Now let us start discussing the tips as mentioned above in detail here.

Structure of the statement:

The most important factor that accounts for a better personal statement is the structure of your statement. It should be properly written, like the information and statement you are writing, and it should be sequential as per the priorities and must include the requirements in that statement.

No grammatical errors or mistakes:

We all know very well that the correct grammar is an important asset for anything we are writing about, even if it is an essay of a primary school grade. Since the statement is very important and valuable for the future of ourselves, we cannot, by any chance, risk it on any grammatical mistakes and errors.

Your goals matter:

Goals are the milestone in any educational journey of a student. For the personal statement of scholarship, it is certainly important to describe your goals for the future of your career life because goals are the most important factor that counts for our success in life because without any goal or purpose, we are purposeless in this world, living without any aims and ambitions.


Authenticity is another quality of the statement. It is necessary to be completely honest about your personal and career lives in the statement. Your personal statement must justify who you are and who you want to be.

Skills other than your GPA:

Your GPA (Grade Point Average) is very important for your career. Still, apart from that, it is mandatory to tell about the skills and other abilities in that statement that were not mentioned in the resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae) you had sent earlier to that educational institution you opt for.


Internships are another essential factor about which we need to describe in the personal statement. It is because of the fact that they are important experiences in our career life, and we need experiences to be a prosperous and successful person in that specific field.


We are also required to mention the jobs which we are currently doing due to the matter of the fact that our job determines our financial income and also if we are eligible for the scholarship, or we are able to get admission ourselves.

Monthly income:

One must mention the income he or she gets for the services given by him or her for working at any organization on a monthly basis where the individual is doing the job.

Salary of educational expanses’ bearer:

If the person who is applying for a scholarship is not currently doing any job, either part-time or permanent then, one needs to mention the salary of the educational expanses’ bearer of that person. It can be the father, mother or any guardian.

Dream to study in that institute which is offering scholarship:

Any individual never applies for the scholarship without having the biggest dream to study in that institution. In the personal statement, this is something he needs to mention while applying for a scholarship.

Two factors necessary to get a scholarship:

To apply for any scholarship, it is a must thing that the person applying for scholarship has either of the factors mentioned here:

  1. Scholarship on the basis of financial status
  2. Scholarship on the basis of our merit

We will discuss these two factors shortly now.

Scholarship on the basis of financial status:

One of the factors is the student’s financial status if he is the sole bearer of expenses or the financial status of any other expanses bearer. The student will get a scholarship on the basis of this factor because scholarships are especially for those people who are in any financial crisis.

Scholarship on the basis of our merit:

Another factor to be eligible for the scholarship is the merit of the student who is applying for the scholarship. Scholarships are also offered for those people who have high merit in their career life.


Scholarships are very important for the career life of students. They basically facilitate the needy students by giving them financial aid. Scholarships also give a chance to the students with high merit to study in their institute of choice, or we can say their dream educational institution. After applying for a scholarship, it is mandatory to fulfil the criteria of writing the personal statement with complete information efficiently. In this article, some tips and tricks were given to write a better personal statement, which will help the student get selected for the scholarship easily.



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