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You have received a job offer from one place but want to wait for another as well. Is it the case? Well, these timing issues happen with a lot of candidates because interviews of multiple organizations do not cross a finish line arm in arm.

Now, one way is to reject the offer simply. It is not recommended! Another way is to play safe, without jeopardizing and adopt a thoughtful as well as transparent approach.

In today’s post, we will explore the great ways to stall a job offer while waiting for another. Here is a middle way to stay out of warm waters and to make a safe career move.


Are you ready? Let’s dig in!


1.  Ask the preferred company to expedite the hiring process

You should approach your preferred company and request it to expedite the process. State a genuine reason that your interest in its job opportunity is high, and you want to make a final decision based on their response. Ask them for the date you should wait. Companies go the extra miles for candidates in whom they are highly interested in. So, remember, you are not asking for something weird or impossible.


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Now, their reply tone will let you know the level of interest in your candidacy. If their interest in bringing you onboard is high, they will give you a clear signal of speeding up the process. Otherwise, their reply would be dull, showing no sign to expedite the hiring process.


Tip: Decode a company’s response to know whether it is worth a wait or not.


2.  Respond to the company that offered you a job

The first and foremost thing is to respond to the company that offered you a job. It is the best approach to keep this job offer in hand and join this company in case of no or negative response from your first choice.


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But, remember to add these few aspects in your response.


●     Reflect gratitude and interest in the job

You should show your gratitude and genuine interest in the job. For doing so, add one or two lines like “I enjoyed the interview process with your [XYZ] organization, and I am honored to receive a job offer.”


●     Time extension for your final response

Now, you need a time extension to stall this job offer while waiting for another. Generally, companies give 2-3 days for the candidate’s final response. However, for the extension, it is reasonable to ask for additional days or even a few weeks, if possible. So, ask for an extension according to the date your recommended company provided you.


●     Backup your extension request with a reason

Additionally, you must backup your extension request for a reason. There is no danger in being transparent and letting the company know you want to explore another job opportunity. You have your interviews scheduled already, and you do not want to ruin the ongoing interview schedule of other organizations.

This aforementioned reason will let them know the time extension request is not because of the lack of interest, but also to show your professional attitude overall.


3.  Do not turn down the job offer – negotiate

If you think that your preferred choice does not have a high level of interest, then you should not turn down the other job offer. If the job is aligned with your career goals and can move the needle for your career, then negotiate before your requested timeline.


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Please don’t wait for the last moments as companies have to streamline their hiring process for a smooth workflow. Delaying it to the very last minute can mow down this job opportunity, and you may have to face trouble.


●     Analyze what is missing

If this job is not attracting you, then it means there are a few things which you want to have in this job. Enlist them and negotiate on your top concerns. Request the company to make a competing offer based on your priorities.

Remember, negotiation is not always about winning 100%. Reaching a win-win situation is a part of effective communication. It is finding a middle way and reaching a mutual level of interest.


Bonus – 7%- 38 %- 55 rule of communication:


In this whole process, you have to communicate with HR representatives or people involved in your interview. So, put a particular focus on communication.


Instead of relying on emails, go for voice-to-voice communication to convey the right tone. The 7%- 38 %- 55 rule of communication states that body language holds 55%, tone holds 38%, and words hold a 7% role in the communication process.


By text-based communication, you would only achieve 7%. However, by audio call, the level will be 38+7=45%, and by video call, you can reach approximately 100% as it will also show your body language.



This scenario may overwhelm you as it leaves many candidates confused. However, by practicing the above-mentioned practical tactics, you can save your seat with the second choice and have the opportunity to work with your top choice. Now, you know an effective way to stall a job offer while waiting for another, practice it while keeping fingers crossed. Cheers!

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