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“I do not have high formal education, can I earn a handsome living?” The answer would be “no” before the boom of the internet, but fortunately, for this era, the answer to this question is “yes.”

The trend of merely focusing on formal education is reduced, and companies are hunting candidates having a required skill set instead. The reason behind it is that many technical skills can be learned online instead of relying on formal degrees.

Today, we will learn about high paying jobs that require no formal education. You can learn these skills thoroughly from internet resources, including online courses, blogs, or YouTube. Moreover, the prestigious online teaching websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Udacity include real-world projects in their degrees. After completing the passing criteria, candidates also get certificates as proof of their learning.

Once you get skills, either you can apply for the jobs, start your own business, or can do freelancing to earn a handsome living. Let’s discuss some highest paying 2020 jobs by which people are already making much without having a formal education.

High paying jobs 2020


Here we go!


1.  Web development

Businesses are moving towards developing a strong online digital presence, and having a website is a must in this regard. These professionals can offer their web development services to other businesses or join a company working in this niche.

Further, it is divided into three main categories.

  • Front end web development – work on a website’s part by which users interact.
  • Back end web development – focuses on server-side development that includes working on databases, and APIs, etc
  • Full-stack web development – it includes both front end and back end


web development


Junior front-end developer makes $72,399, back end developer makes $73,361, and full-stack developer earns $75,057 per annum on average, as per Payscale.

2.  Graphic designing

The demand for visual content is increasing day by day. Businesses need videos and images for their websites, advertisements, and social media. It is easy to create graphics, but it demands skills, talent, and interest to develop appealing designs. It does not need formal education, but with constant practice, you can develop a keen sense of design. There are many options in this field; some of them are:

  • Multimedia designer
  • Web Designer
  • Logo designer
  • Book cover designer
  • Game designer

First, choose the graphic designing sub-niche that fascinates you and then learn software and skills relevant to it.

The average income of a graphic designer is $45,261 per year.


3.  Search engine optimization

There are 4 mediums of getting traffic – direct, referral, paid, and organic. Do you know “51% of all website traffic comes from organic search”? It is a huge number! SEOs are in demand to rank businesses websites higher in the search results so that more sales could be made. The higher the website means the more probability of the user clicking the website link.

Website ranking includes work on many factors, as shown in the image below.




However, there are three main fields of SEO.

  • Onpage SEO – optimizing elements on a website
  • Off-Page SEO – ranking activities that SEO do away from a website
  • Technical SEO – technical aspects of a website such as optimizing load speed


onpage seo

The average SEO specialist makes $45,686 per year that makes it one of the most high paying jobs.

Other than handling other businesses, you can start your blog, affiliate website, or eCommerce store and earn a lot by ranking it higher in search engines.

4.  Content writing

If you are a person who loves writing, then you can transform it into your source of income. You only need to develop strong research skills, follow readability principles, learn different writing styles, and produce grammatically correct content to start doing freelancing projects or to apply for lucrative jobs.

There are several sub-niches in this field. If you will master the one, then it would be more good to land a job or make massive money in freelancing. Some of them are as follows:

  • Case studies
  • Guideposts
  • Copywriting
  • White papers
  • General articles

Only a few writing niches such as law or medical need expert-level knowledge to craft in-depth and valuable blog posts; otherwise, with having excellent research skills, you can almost write on any topic.

As per data, it is considered as one of the high paying jobs in 2020 and has the potential to make $32k – $71k per year based on skills and experience.


5. Social media manager

In this social media era, we cannot think of a business operating without social media platforms. Companies are striving for a robust social media presence. You can become a social media manager by learning social media strategies to increase business traffic, revenue, and engagement. Once you generate results for some business, the doors of opportunity will start opening up for you.

It is one of the prestigious jobs in 2020 that can make you around $50,816 annually.

social media manager

Take away:

All aforementioned skills have a high earning potential without having a formal education, but consistency and hard work is the key to land these high paying jobs. Get enrolled in courses and explore internet resources to learn, earn, and grow. Good luck!

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