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Students are now more and more looking for opportunities abroad. They want to do something unique to stand out in the job application process, and having a qualified foreign degree is sure one way to do it. But studying abroad can be very expensive International Students, and if you are studying on a scholarship or paying your way through it, you need to save every penny. But not to worry when deciding your foreign destinations keep these below countries in mind because of their affordable living expense.

Cheapest Countries for International Students

Studying abroad is very expensive, and if you are great at managing cash, you can do it with the help of scholarships and student loans, or you can find short term internships and jobs to support yourself. So, when faced with living situations, students are always looking for places they can afford.

  1. Norway

If you are searching for a place in a Nordic region with cold weather and beautiful visuals, then Norway is your place. This is one of the most preferred places to acquire a globally recognized degree in the Nordic region. The main reason is that the public universities in Norway offer tuition-free degrees to international students in the English language, and all you have to do is bear the cost of living and food expenses. They are also known for the excellent quality of education provided by the institutions, and many of its universities rank high in the QS world universities index.

The living cost in Norway is about $12,000 a year, and it is high, but compared to other Nordic countries, it is slightly cheap.

Estimated Living Cost per month: $1000 – $12000



  1. Taiwan

This is the most favored place of international students from Asia getting a foreign degree. The main reason is the low cost of study abroad and the affordable accommodation that the city offers along with its famous street food. The only drawback is that the courses offered in English are limited and the competition is fierce.

Estimated Living Cost per month: $500 – $600



  1. South Africa

The country is known for its diverse culture, people, places, and lifestyle is also known for the most developed country in Africa. If you are up to a place that requires open-minded people, then South Africa is your study abroad destination. The living cost is meager compared to other western countries, and the living price is inadequate even though it is developed. Let’s not forget the scenic beaches and gorgeous landmarks and safari rides; also, you don’t have to think about the language barrier; it is English. The yearly cost of studying in South Africa is about around $9000.

Estimated Living Cost per month: $600 – $700

South Africa


  1. Malaysia

One of the most affordable places for international students, even QS ranked Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia, the best city for studying abroad. The country also houses branches of famous universities, and you can get a degree from those universities for a fraction of the price!

Malaysian universities got recently recognized in QS University Ranking in 2020, which has put Malaysia on the hot places to get quality education, and the living cost is also not that high compared to other western countries. The average price of studying is $3000, but you can even find courses which even cost less.

Estimated Living Cost per month: $400 – $450


  1. India

Where India is known for its culture and monuments worldwide like the Taj Mahal, but international students typically avoid going there because after every state, the language and culture of India change, and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But where the international living cost is concerned, it is the cheapest of any country. If you are fearless and want to experience a world full of colorful people and you won’t face any significant problems accommodating the lifestyle, then this is your destination.

Estimated Living Cost per month: $400


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