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Do you know you can save data on internet cloud storage services ? We all need to store the data we use in our day-to-day life. Generally, the hard disk of our laptop or desktop is our first choice. But some unexpected cases cause data to be lost. Some might face a wrong partition in a hard disk; there might be virus or ransomware attacks, even the hard disk could burn partially due to unstable voltage. To avoid all these hassles, cloud storage is the modern-day solution for storage problems. It’s mostly safe and easy to use. Also, a hard disk usually doesn’t have much storage, where the cloud has a massive amount of storage capacity.

So, what is cloud storage? In short, cloud storage is a space where you can store data online, either free or with a fee. Imagine this like a cloud. A small cloud can hold a vast amount of water. It is quite similar to that concept, except that here a person’s data is stored.
In this open market, many competitors in the market are the best cloud service, providers. Here are some of the best cloud services that you can use to take some load off the hard drive of your PC.

Here is the list of cloud storage services

Google Drive: 

Let’s start with the biggest tech giant, Google. Google Drive is one of the most famous cloud services out there. If someone creates a Gmail account, it is allowed with a 15GB space. It seems pretty small, but there is a catch. If someone purchases a GSuite account, he will have a total of 5TB of storage. You can buy it personally, or some organizations buy it for their employee. Also, some educational institutions buy the GSuite to provide their students with these facilities. Now, their user interface is quite simple; there is nothing fancy done there. Other than that, Google Drive has one of the most straightforward user interfaces, and it is effortless to use. Also, it provides adequate security, and the storage amount is quite a lot. It’s also integrated with not android devices and other operating systems, so you can use it from your phone or your PC, whichever is convenient for you.


Comparing with one of their biggest rivals, Apple is lagging a bit behind Google. Where Google offers their drive services for all platforms, Apple’s iCloud drive can only be used from Apple devices such as iPhone and MacBook. Other than that, the iCloud drive provides services almost similar to Google Drive. But its eye-catching user interface is sure to attract people there. This drive synchronizes with both phone and laptop, identical to Google Drive, so if you have two Apple devices, you can quickly transfer or upload files. Though overall, it doesn’t conquer Google Drive, it is a good option for Apple users.

Microsoft OneDrive:

The last tech giant Microsoft also has its cloud storage service, which is Microsoft OneDrive. It is default storage for Windows 10 users and even for Office 365 users. It came into the market way before the other competitors and has been in the market ever since. Its beautiful user interface and excellent security have gained the trust of users worldwide. Many say it has the most vital protection in the market. Since this is for Windows users, it can only be accessible from computers, and it is not for phones, unlike Google Drive and iCloud. But it covers it up with its user interface and diversity of functions. It starts with a free 5GB space, goes up to 6TB with the paid versions.


Apart from the tech giants, let’s come to the more open market. Here, the best option for many users is the IDrive. The name might be confusing as many people think it is a feature by Apple. But let’s be clear, they are not a part of Apple. It’s easy to set up and quite user-friendly. And if we are to talk about the pricing, it has the best pricing offer in the market. With a powerful security feature, IDrive offers 5GB free and up to 10TB of storage in their paid service. Many argue there isn’t any better service provider in pricing in the cloud storage market than IDrive.


Another competitor and one which can be named as the underdog, is Dropbox. Many people used this but never actually realized how useful Dropbox is. Dropbox can be considered a pioneer in cloud storage and syncing services. It is reliable and straightforward with strong security. The few backlashes are that It is more expensive considering their services, and also Dropbox is less integrated than others in the market. And they provide a small space of 2GB in the free version and 2TB for the paid version. Other than that, Dropbox is still the right choice for users out there who feels like using the pioneering service.



It is quite similar in the name, but another different service named Box is outstanding. It provides 10GB free storage, which is the most in the market than other free services. But when it comes to the paid version, they cost too much, even more than Dropbox. Another con is that you can’t upload a file larger than 250MB in a single upload which might seem troublesome for those who work with larger files and upload them. But for any regular user, it is still an excellent choice to go.

Amazon Drive:

Amazon has come up with its own Amazon Drive providing exemplary services that many people don’t notice. They give 5GB free, but they will provide you with storage if you pay them more. They will provide their customer with up to 30TB of storage, but you have to watch out for your wallet in this case. If anyone is an Amazon Prime member, Amazon Drive is the right choice.


Another one that can say as the underdog is Mega. With its rare feature of giving 50GB free storage, they are standing firm in the market. Apart from that, Mega has a unique encryption Kim Dotcom, which allows you to have control over your encryption key. So, it provides you with a guarantee of adequate security. As for their paid plan, they have up to 16TB storage in their paid plan. Though costly, it is still an excellent choice in the market, especially for people looking for the massive free storage they are giving.

These are the best cloud storage services available in the market. There are still some service providers such as pCloud, Icedrive, Zoolz, Sync, SugarSync, CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box, SpiderOak ONE, NextCloud and many more. Different people have different choices, so everyone doesn’t need to use the same service. Someone might like the costly ones more than the cheaper ones, and it’s all about perception. There will always be competition in the market, and service with good intentions to serve the people will always be welcomed.

At this time, online storage or cloud storage is the safest option for users. There are malware and viruses, ransomware attacks and many more that can jeopardize your data. But with safe and secure cloud storage, you are safe from all these attacks, and your data stays intact. There are hundreds of people losing data from their computers due to all these threats. Cloud storage is the best option to stay safe from them. To sum it up, the market is full of cloud storage services, and it is your choice that which one suits you the best and choose accordingly to store safe and store more.

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