10 things you must have in the hostel

things you must have in the hostel

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The hostel is a land of memories. A home away from home. It is barely anyone’s first wish to enter the hostel but remains a heavy heart at the last bye. The reason behind being part of it can be different from one to another. It is unlike reference to other groups of people whose expectations do not meet from the hostel’s life. For such reason, .

things you must have in the hostel


Empathetic environment 

Keeping with an obvious note, an empathetic environment is a gateway for an adjusting soul. The majority of hostelers are students that refer to the need for proper guidance, attention, and the correct way of treating. 

           The hostel requires informative yet homely surrounding decorative walls, pushes limitations with quotes, and note to be kind to each other. It binds with a thought process of being accepted and understand. Fear of any kids or an individual while taking such steps of being far from home to pursue certain goals is not easy though it sounds adventurous and independent. Such a decision needs an empathetic stand. An empathetic environment does not enjoy bullying, ganging, and judgemental. He/she is already in need of support and help, as such behaviours from fellow friends hamper mental health, and the hostel will be the least option to proceed. 

           Empathy is a gift to humankind. Reinforcing being empathetic will help to make peaceful surroundings. Who wants to be judged? Who claims to be ganged up? If we don’t wish, we take a stand not to provoke as well

Hostel warden

A guide, manager, guardian, counsellor, and mature being who is super with adaptation and a professional in their work is a hostel warden who is appointed to look after hostelers. A hostel warden is an authoritative one whose permission must be taken for any sort of decision by hostelers. It is a position to execute a safe and sound environment for hosteler and hostels.

           The image of the hostel warden is strict and firm, whereas their duties demanded them to be that way. Along with being a professional, a hostel warden must be a person who is one call away. To look after a bunch of boys and girls, a hostel requires two different appointed warden. This role is challenging, yet a hostel without a warden is a kid without parents—a reliable soul who contemplates work in bird-eye view.   

Comfortable stay

The hostel does not approve look like any five stars hotel, but a stay of hostelers should be sound and hygienic. The comfortable stay includes a lightning room, bed, study table, and an attached bathroom. Such space creates personal doings and aligned more towards hygiene. 

They require a single bed for an individual. Not everyone is comfortable sharing belongings along with beds. Since comfort holds on private space and a familiar environment, the hostel must reinforce to look at the colour of walls, bolts of lightning (natural to electric), a convenient switch at the right corner, proper water functioning to even a sanitary pad disposal arena also the matter of physical space. 

No one appreciates a congested corner. The hostel is in high demand where the world is rushing to achieve. Migrated, personal choices and many reasons build to take a decision to stay away from home, and comfortable stay is what one wishes. 


A majority of students have expressed dissatisfaction with canteen food and the area covered by it. There is a lesser in the number who has appreciated the hostel food. Quality food and cleanliness must be a matter of look forward to. The health of hostelers, warden should keep in priority. 

A canteen/mess is a space occupied by a food court and a particular corner of stay where hostelers and others can get takeaway food that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner accordingly. The mass should not be an excuse for degrading the quality of food. 

The hostel owner is responsible for giving proper guidance to the canteen head for all necessary guidelines regarding quality, space management, quantity, and hygiene. 

Recreational activities

Hostelers create memories and share a bond with fellows. How true is it? It might not be the same cup of tea for all. The stay must be peaceful, fun, and communicative is the key. One of the ten must things in a hostel is a recreational hour. 

           Recreational activities can be every day for few minutes to a day in a week; however, a hostel plan to go. It also depends on what kind of individual is associated with the hostel. If it is a student’s dorm, every morning recreational activities are fun to start a day. So, what happens if a hostel initiates such? It strengthens the bond it helps to create empathetic surroundings, it compressed judgementalism. 

           Recreational can either be games, reflection, reviews of movies, or movie time itself. Some recreational is also mentioned as a time to liberty, where the warden allows hostelers to eat anything and to go anywhere for a day. 

Drop and Pick up service

The responsibility of hostelers majorly is of the hostel and warden, especially at the time of emergency travel. The hostel must have a bus to pick up/drop. Again, it differs what age group of girls/boys hostel has cooperated. Adult hostels might not be the full responsibility of taking care of such things, yet a service must follow further. 

           This gives a sense of hope and is help from a hostel to their hostelers.


Let’s imagine a place without any rules? How does it look to you? Fun! Crowd! Loud! Wild! The hostel is a rare combination of all of it. Keeping a note that it is to make for discipline settings. 

The hostel is an opportunity of being upgraded and value a disciplined life. Setting a culture inside the hostel is helpful and fruitful. It is not the rule to follow but a value-driven arena, to help others, to listen, to pray, and so many. Once the culture is set in the hostel, it automatically reduces the energy to warn, to directly observe. It was making hostelers self-responsible for their belongings, passing leadership skills, and caring for one another.

Along with cultural settings, the hostel must keep a ZERO tolerance rule in a straight manner for any illegal activities. Rules can be categorized as per the level of their depth and constitution of the country itself. A warning can be an alarm, whereas taking drugs, smoking inside the restricted area, bullying, harassing is NO.

Dress code 

The dressing can be a comfort and a personal choice. Dress code should not be a matter of big issue but reminding the common space shared by all girls of different ages and to boys accordingly. There is no such “code”, but there should not cross a limit of body exposure which is uncomfortable to people around us. Also, the dress should not be the purpose of the topic to discuss or judging factors to any individual. This kind of minor actions must be cleared.


The safety and security of hostelers, warden, and hostel must be taken to action. The certain needs of tools should not be compromised with financial issues. The proper lock and keys should be provided for each room. The door is not supposed to be transparent—genuine materials inside the bathroom and keeping in mind personal safety. Also, a cc camera is only allowed in the public domain. If it found in any personal space, it can be illegal too. 

           Cupboards, gates, door, lock, and other such essential materials that play a vital role in safety should be kept in mind.

Garden area/Library

This area focuses on staying on self for a while. There is no library in hostels around the underdeveloping nation. It lives a reading habit and reinforces to continuing it. It also believed that staying in the same place can be mentally degraded, so the hostel must have a garden space for girls and boys to take fresh air, sometimes gardening, and also space out from the room.

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