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Your resume is something which reflects you as a person. You are unable to talk to your employer, organization, or your client. The piece of paper which we called as resume should be so composed well enough that can reflect every aspect of your personality. So here are a few tips which can help you build your resume effectively.


top resume tips


  1. Correct personal information

Personal information should be correctly given. It should be clear. Personal information includes your name, your guardian name, your phone number, your email address, you home address, your nationality, your marital status, your date of birth and your religion.

  1. Professional font

Remember that you are going to represent yourself in job market through your resume. The font style, font size, order and symmetry should be according to standards

  1. Organization

The resume of yours should be well organized. All the required information should be arranged properly. Don’t jumble up the sentences. Keep it in a proper order to make it attractive for your target audience.

  1. Effective language

Communication skills are very important in job market and help you compose your CV in a reasonable way. The language you are using should be effective and persuasive so that your resume can achieve its target.

  1. Correlate with job requirement

The structure and language of your resume should be easy. Focus on content more than on grammar and vocabulary. Having a good command on English is a plus point but using difficult words sometimes gives negative impression

  1. Reflect your potential

While writing a resume, always keep in mind that you are going to represent yourself as a product. You are not going to communicate with your target audience but this piece of writing do. The resume should cover each and every characteristic of your personality. It should be able to speak of yourself.

  1. Unique

Every person is special in his own way. We all have different experiences in our life. We all come across different situations often. Same is the case with your resume. It should be unique. It should have some aspects which distinct you as a person from the rest of the world. You can  get this uniqueness in your resume by doing various activities like volunteer work, jobs and other things of this kind.

  1. Original

Don’t copy others while writing your resume. Keep it original. Your resume is something which demands to be original. Do look for the good resume but don’t try to copy any of them as your resume might lose its originality and essence.

  1. Competency

Because of saturation in job market, the organizations always looking for a person who is multitalented and multi tasked.  Your resume should have some points which show your multiple aspects.

  1. Relevant stuff

We as a humans have adaptive nature. We can adjust ourselves according to the environment. Same is the case with our resume, Sometimes, it is better to modulate your resume according to job requirement. We cannot use the same resume for multiple purposes. For example, resume for a scholarship should be different from the resume for a job application.

  1. Be specific

Be specific. Don’t talk about the general things. General means common and sometimes understood. You don’t have to go for the generic things. This point is specifically important while writing your career objective and your personal statement. These kind of things make you unique and compatible for the given opportunity.

  1. Highlight great achievements

Do highlight your great achievements. Like if you are very good in curriculum, do mention your percentage or CGPA. If you are gold medalist, do mention it. If you’ve some extra and distinctive qualities, do mention all of them. If you even win any competition, mention it as well. The achievements help you to be different from the crowd.

  1. Conciseness

Don’t overdo it. Always remember, quality matters over quantity. It is of no use writing a very long resume but with no quality work. Keep it short and well composed. This is the matter of practice.

The more you do, the more you’ll be good in keeping it short yet effective. Short does not mean skipping any important information, it means be concise and to the point.

  1. Avoid recurring

The big organization and companies usually receives many resume on daily basis. They usually don’t have enough time to read one point at various places. So you have to keep that in mind that no one point describes at two different places. Don’t repeat the same again and again as it will make your resume less effective.

  1. Proofread and edit

Before ending up after composing it, give it a look back for proofread. It’s good to take help from someone who is senior than you and more professional before submitting to the respective client or organization


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